The Interview is not about you!

The Interview Process:

First, realize that the interview is not about you!—Second, quickly figure out what the interview is really about! The process serves many purposes that many may not think. It appeals to the five senses in the following ways:

It acts as a visual aid, (so the company can “see” what they are getting)

  • It acts as a hearing aid, (to see how one speaks and communicates)
  • It acts as a point of physical contact (a touching aid, an interactive devise of sorts e.g. the handshake, eye contact)
  • It acts as a smelling device and sniffs out foul/unbecoming behavioral tendencies, scents or aromas.
  • It allows one to develop a sense of taste that allegedly weeds out and senses the “so-called” bad seeds, but seemingly more oftentimes weeds out the good ones.

One big problem with the interview process is that, all too often not only are most of those who conduct the interviews unqualified, many are too self-doubting and insecure to do so, at a time when Human Resource Departments are falling by the wayside and placement agencies are taken over.

Try to realize that any one of the below positives can be considered a negative or a minus, if these positive qualities are not first “owned” by or a characteristic which the interviewer possesses:

  • Speaks well
  • Dresses well
  • Thinks independently
  • Is opinionated (May push back against management)
  • Seems joyous (can’t be taken seriously)
  • Exudes confidence
  • Shows honesty

People tend to hire people in their own image! Intellectual mediocre people tend to hire people less intelligent than they, insecure people, unattractive, overweight, blond-haired, blue-eyed, well-dressed, soft-spoken, smart, and the list goes on. You may have to hide the non-visual sides of you that the interviewer does not possess, e.g. confidence: If you are confident and they aren’t, you may benefit by suppressing your confidence level until your level is within their comfort zone.

The Interview really is more about the interviewer than the interviewee. Why—might you ask? Simply because you may have the perfect skill-set, look, communication skills and attitude…hell and you may even smell good, but this is not what gets you hired. What gets you hired is the self-esteem, or lack thereof, of the person interviewing you, their confidence level, not in you, but in themselves. Remember, depending on their position, they may see you as a competitor [someone who could “take their job”] not as an asset, comrade or as complimentary to their cause.

What they often are seeking in many instances is someone who will “play the game,” willing to brown-nose, conform to established corporate norms; someone who is malleable into whatever they have deemed to meet their needs. An unpleasant truth for sure, but why do you think Corporate America has become so unhappy for so many.

In any event, remember that the interview is not about you!—but instead how well you can please and manipulate the true you to conform to the needs, idiosyncrasies and self-esteem of the interviewer (s). Good Luck on your next interview.

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Still Here!

Just wanted to drop a line to say that “NO” I haven’t gone anywhere. Just working like a mad woman. I hope all of you are doing well .

Hello WorldI have decided to join this thing called “Facebook” and for people like me…you know of a certain age group, the Social Media concept is something it takes a minute to get used to. I still physical engage with people on a social level and actually talk to them on a phone. What the hell was I thinking?? LOL. In any event I wanted to say Hello, again…and hopefully will sooner or later figure out this Facebook thing. My banner is posted below. Keeping my fingers crossed! Wish me well…

Facebook Banner Rev 4

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I Cried for God


I woke up one morning and literally, I Cried FOR God! I sobbed in anguishing pain as I watched His children [mankind] fall deeper and deeper into an abyss. I cried like a baby whose formula had been denied him for one minute longer than s/he desired. I cried, uncontrollably, as my body could not contain the physical tremors from the continuous disappointment, which I know He must feel when he looks as us. If you are a parent you know the pain and disappointment that is felt when your children are ugly to each other, “don’t listen” to you, and in essence give you the “virtual middle finger.”

As an Empath, I have an uncanny ability to feel everything that goes on around me. It is an ability to sense when others are lying or being disingenuous, or if they are scheming and are “up to no good,” or if they are being deceptive or hateful, or unkind or whether they are jealous, happy, sad, disappointed or dejected—a range of human emotions that I can “feel in others.” It is difficult for many to tell me what they know that “I already know” to be true or not, and it makes them uncomfortable in my presence.

One can only imagine what it must feel like for our Almighty Heavenly Father to actually know “Everything” about us and to have created a race of children who struggle with knowing how much he loves and desires to be a part of their lives—A Father who is shunned, dismissed and ignored; A Father who is disrespected, feels unloved and unappreciated: To have children who are often uncomfortable in His presence, because they know that He already knows what is in their hearts. It’s like shards of glass continuously piercing the heart at center mass.

If I can feel this burden that can be quite unnerving, how much more must it impact and affect God our Creator? My heart and my mind felt God’s pain and, being unable to ease it, I Cried FOR God!— because we, have lost our:

I Cried for God









The many ways in which we demean, devalue and debase each other is unconscionable. Our minds have become reprobate and our actions careless and lacking in love. Maybe, if we change, God will grant us a Mulligan [a do-over in golf where a player gets to forego or waive a bad golf shot and get another shot without penalty]—similarly to what the bible might call repentance.

Open your heart and mind to give and receive love and maybe others will follow.

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If you don’t believe that fire is hot…

GOD—The Occupational Safety and Health Administrator [OSHA]

Child: “Hello my Father, I am really sad today. I know that you have been teaching me truth and I remember the lessons you’ve taught me, but it is getting really hard to find anyone else who seems to have learned what you’ve been teaching. These humans are—well, they…they are kind of, well a bit of a mess!”

God: “What do you mean, my child?”

Child: “Well, my Father, today I went to visit the kids who live in the Cul-de-sac and they taught me many new things. They told me that I didn’t have to listen to my parents anymore and that I could do what I pleased, and if my parents tried to use “their rod” on me that I could call something called DYFS [Division of Youth and family Services]. Oh, and then they invited me in to have dinner with them and offered me something called a TV dinner, and when I insisted that ‘you couldn’t eat a TV for dinner!’—they laughed, and made fun of me, and then offered me something called a Hot Pocket”

God: “What did you do then?”

Child: “I went home and told my Nana and she explained that this was a generation called generation X and Millennials, whose parents no longer cooked meals in conventional ovens and that a TV dinner was kinda like fast food—it was something that was bought in the supermarket and cooked in this thing called a microwave oven.”

God: “I assure you my child that I, your Heavenly Father, out of my love for all of my children, have left no stone unturned. I have given all of mankind the same Instructional Manual. In that manual, I have given them everything they could ever need for harmonious, peaceful and orderly living.”

Child: “Then why—WHY my Father, is this world so full of chaos? WHAT on earth went wrong?”

God: “I have given them general instruction signs; it includes a section on hazardous materials, which I have clearly labeled HAZMAT. There is a sign that reads “This way to righteousness and this way to forgiveness.” There are warning signs and signs on when to yield with lessons on etiquette, I have also given them a DANGER sign to warn against contamination and hazards, saying: May cause satanic fire, severe “loss of heart” burns or blind-spiritual eye damage.

Danger SignChild: “Father, they just won’t listen, they are hard-headed, self-willed, uncaring, hateful, self-serving, spiteful, unforgiving, lying; incapable of even the smallest amounts of truth. They don’t want to follow any one’s rules except their own. They rob, lie and cheat each other daily; invent their own rules to live by according to their own personal desires.

God: “I see. I have, however, given them the gift of Free Will—and with that I knew there would be a fair share of them who would not believe or follow Me and would go astray and would instead believe the lies of my adversary and go whoring after false prophets and would not come out of Babylon [confusion].

Warning SignI sent the warning sign: Harmful if Ingested [To warn them against feeding on religious contamination and moral hazards]. Still—they fed on the lies of the false prophets and teachers. But, as much as it pains me, it is their choice. If they chose instead to be separated from me for all eternity, I will honor their will.

Child: “Well Father, I read your Safety Signs: [For general instructions to keep them safe from potential harm]; your Bulletin Boards: [To educate them in Your Word]. Your Caution Signs: [To warn them of potential hazards and unsafe satanic practices], and Your Hazardous Material Signs: Biohazard Haz Mat sign[To warn against the risk of the spiritual death of their soul, injury or sickness]. And, you even provided laws and Commandments in a section for COMPLIANCE and the penalties for non-compliance, as well as one for EVACUATION through repentance and DIRECTIONAL signs to help them find salvation.

But still Father they don’t believe You!…I don’t know how else to say it, but well—you know, these humans don’t even believe that FIRE is HOT!

God: “I know my son, but one day soon, they will!

Don’t wait for the “OUT OF TIME” Warning Sign.

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Common sense isn’t common at all!


Is common sense really common at all? The fear [reverence] of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools [perverse or silly men] despise wisdom and instruction [PROVERBS 7:1]. King Solomon, the son of David was considered to be the wisest man in the Bible. He is credited with writing thousands of proverbs. Upon the prayer and sacrificial altar of God at the Tabernacle in Gibeon, when asked by God what He could give to Solomon, Solomon asked God for wisdom. How many of us have a laundry list of things we ask of God, wisdom not being number one on that list?

Solomon’s response was so usually that it pleased God tremendously. As a true servant of God, Solomon could have had anything he asked of God, but what he wanted and asked for was wisdom. He did not ask for riches, wealth or honor, nor to conquer his enemies, nor for longevity, but for knowledge and wisdom so that he could righteously judge the people whom God had allowed him to be King over. As A result, God gave him more wisdom, more wealth and more honor than any king before or after him [II Chronicles 7:13]. The material things of the world are ephemeral [short-lived] but salvation is eternal. PSALM 49:17 says, “For when he dies, he shall carry nothing away [with him]: his glory [riches, weight, splendor, copiousness] shall not descend after him. You will never have a U-Haul hitched to your hearse.

Use your common sense! THINK, MEDITATE, and put on your adult hats; grow wiser in your thought process.[I CORINTHIANS] 13:11 states, “When I was a child I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought [reasoned] as a child; but then I became a man/woman, [mature in the Word of God], I put away childish things. It is time to grow up! Speak not in the ears of a fool: for he will despise the wisdom of thy words [PROVERBS 23:9]. Be present in your own mind! Don’t allow yourself to have a mind in which there is no adult supervision—Be the adult.

[HOSEA 14:9] asks; who is wise, and he shall understand these things? Prudent, and he shall know them? For the ways of the Lord are right, and the just shall walk in them: but the transgressors shall fall therein.

Pray that you learn to practice what you preach…and actually practice!!

Pinch yourself every time you have negative thoughts and soon enough you will stop having them.

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In case of emergency


“9-1-1; what’s your emergency?”

“Hello, is this 9-1-1?”

“Yes, ma’am—do you have an emergency?”

The voice at the end of the line frantically declares;

“Yes, I need help! Can you send a police car to 999 West Nowhere Lane?

“A squad car is on the way. Can you please tell me what is your emergency?”

Sobbing; the voice at the end of the line angrily answers.

—“Someone has stolen my energy!”

Energy theft, or the stealing of another person’s energy is rapidly becoming the number one felony around the world. It is a new crime wave for which we have no legal recourse—a moral and psychological crime against humanity that is a potential destroyer to all and a respecter of none; a crime not punishable by law.

Energy thieves love to prey on the positive energy of others. They need it to sustain themselves. They lurk around like burglars in dark, cold alleys—and, when the opportunity knocks, they pounce; scavenging around like buzzards seeking to feed off their recently slaughtered prey. This new crime wave is powerful. It has the potential to suck the life out of you by stealing YOUR positive energy. You may have unknowingly become the victim of “energy theft” if you have every experienced any of the following:

  • Felt physically or mentally exhausted after 5 minutes with your in-laws.
  • Arrived at your workstation and felt drained after your co-workers warned you that your boss was in a bad mood?
  • Told a white lie in order to exit swiftly from a gathering because a certain individual was there?
  • Worried if the waitress with the funky saunter, who had just taken your order, would enjoy adding a little extra spice to your H2O?—and yes, it happens more than you think.

Hatred, fundamentally, is the basic building block for people who spew negative energy—particularly self-hate. Negative energy is not always visible to the naked eye, but can be revealed through one’s body language. You see—Energy is contagious. The vitality, or lack thereof of those around you is infectious—much like a smile, or the H1N1 flu bug or Ebola. Several of the many ways in which negative energy tends to reveal itself are in the form of:

  • Terse or mean-spirited questions or answers
  • Dismissive tones in one’s voice or aversive looks
  • Teeth sucking and pathetically long, heavy sighs

Your assignment is to ensure that the self-hatred that others have for themselves does not infiltrate and permeate your psyche. Stop giving free passes to negative people who are well-connected, family, co-workers, bosses, or sons of a boss (SOB’s). Hold others accountable for their unbecoming behavior. Love, human decency, r-e-s-p-e-c-t, and kindness must prevail!

Love hard enough to spread the rarefied air of positive energy, and—May peace travel with you always.

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Are you an attention whore?


The word sacred, doesn’t appear in written form in the KJV [Bible]. The word Holy is used in most biblical texts. However, the word whore, or some form thereof appears 95+ times. It has many variations (1) Whoremonger [Ephesians 5:5 – meaning to sell as merchandise]. A monger is someone who promotes a specific activity, especially an undesirable or discreditable one, or one who deals and trades a specific commodity.

Many today seemingly feel that their nude body is their greatest “Ass-et” and is an art form, and as such is merchandise that can be traded or sold as a commodity.

(2) A lesser known biblical definition of whore is: To turn aside from the truth. The simple truth is nudity can be lucrative! Bringing attention to yourself by auctioning your body off to the highest bidder is, without a doubt, a profitable endeavor. In the name of loving, freeing themselves or defining their bodies as works of art, people are posturing and sharing their naked bodies with the entire internet population to get attention, fame and money. Free will allows you to float that boat also, but don’t be dishonest about why many do it. Stop turning away from truth and “own” it.

Over sharing, in everything, is becoming a sickness that is on the brink of becoming epidemic. Everyone deserves an ounce of privacy. Some bare their bodies calling it “loving themselves”, or an expression of sexual freedom. Is there really anything you can keep private when you can’t even keep your “private parts” private anymore?—parts, which were once reserved for those who had a purposeful reason for surveying them; spouses, physicians, OBGYN’s and the like.

People see themselves nude daily and don’t call it “loving themselves,” or maybe some do [no pun intended]. Even still, the question is, is it necessary to share their ‘nudes’ with the entire world? If it’s not about the attention that comes from the Expose´ that comes with the “big bucks” then why not just share the “nudes” “free of charge” so every Tom, Dick, Harry, Tina, Diane and Harriet can enjoy them. Maybe that would defeat the purpose.

There once was a law on the books called corrupting the morals of a minor. An Expose´ of this sort had a moral boundary which apparently no longer exists in social forums and norms. Wasn’t it fear of “loss of privacy” that motivated contractor Eric Snowden to “out” the government’s alleged invasion of our privacy? What else is left when a society voluntarily surrenders their privacy rights, or a government decides: since you don’t value your privacy, why can’t “they” sell your private parts under eminent domain, or for a profit, or to pay your delinquent taxes?

Caution! A bigger problem arises when so-called “crazy” people commit acts such as stalking, or are overly kind in over sharing and uncovering their own nakedness; flashing people, and exposing their private parts, or when authorities find your self-shared nude photos on the nightstand of your stalker who has used them for God only knows what, and claims them as public domain? Can anyone be appalled, offended or surprised when other free spirits potentially mistake your over sharing actions as an invitation for them to over share into your world?

[Ephesians 5:5] states, “…no whoremonger, nor unclean person, nor covetous man, who is an idolater, hath any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and of God.” Someday the actions you may have performed in order to “be relevant,” you may actually be held accountable for, and you may discover from your cost benefit analysis that the cost for all that attention was entirely too high a price to pay.

It’s harder to read any book when it is turned upside down!

Ask President Bush.

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I never met a sin I didn’t like

Does sin still have negative consequences?

Assuredly, I commit my fair share of sins on a weekly basis. But, I never met a sin I didn’t like, appears to be becoming the mantra for 21st century mankind, especially if it is a sin that proves to be profitable. Let’s take the case of the August 2014, killing in Ferguson, Missouri where a police officer shot and killed an unarmed 18-year old. The officer was sent out on a vacation, called paid administrative leave, and the deceased was sent to meet his maker. The officer is alleged to have garnered, by some conservative estimates, at least $500k from donations made to a fund set up for him by supporters. Would this officer have become instantly rich had he not shot and killed an unarmed teen?—the old adage, “crime doesn’t pay,” needs to be changed to “crime not only pays, but it pays very well.”

The world appears to be going to hell in a hand basket, and if many aren’t careful they may find themselves at the helm. Obviously, none of us created the mantra, “I never met a sin I didn’t like,” that honor could, (by most people’s account) undoubtedly and most likely be bestowed upon Lucifer, Satan, The Devil or whatever familiar name is attributed to him these days.

People love to say what they would never do, and love to stand in condemnation of others who perform “sinful” and oftentimes criminal acts. The truth is: given the right circumstances every man is capable of ANY sin or any crime, and then that doesn’t necessarily make it justifiable. Let’s take stealing. Rich people and poor people steal alike, but each for different reasons. If you have ever gone without food for days [I have] and were on the brink of starving then you might understand why a person would steal to eat. But what is the excuse or justification for a rich man who pulls “a Bernie Madoff” Ponzi scheme and makes off with billions of other people’s money to feed his material greed?

I keep hearing the phrase sin is sin. Are these “same” sins under two strikingly different circumstances even remotely the same? —Proverbs 6:30 says,  “Men, do not despise [disrespect] a thief, if he steal to satisfy his soul, “animal life” [nefesh in Hebrew] when he is hungry [famished].” It goes on to say that IF he is caught he shall restore seven-fold. This is called restitution. At a minimum, a perpetrator who kills another human and is exonerated even in a court of “man’s law” should not be allowed to inherit ill-gotten gains and profit financially.

Oft times, the “right” circumstances make people capable of acts they would not otherwise commit. Look at the case of Leon Plauche, whose 11-year old son was alleged kidnapped and raped by Jeff Deucet, his son’s karate instructor. On live television, Plauche while talking with a friend on a pay phone, walked up to Deucet, who was being escorted by police and shot him once in the head. Plauche never served any prison time, as he was given probation and community service for the killing.

So, before you look at another person and scoff or sound off about what you would never do, you may want to try to place yourself in their shoes if only for one human moment. What motivated these people to do what they did can and should be questioned, but the bottom line is that none of them were completely “innocent.” All of them knew what the consequences of their actions might be. As humans we are always trying to justify our actions no matter how damaging the outcome to others. I suppose each of them could argue that they were not guilty by “reason of insanity”—the same insanity of PICK a sin, any sin and just do it!—which appears to be rapidly becoming the mantra of modern day culture.

Just making frenemies, by educating and impacting people

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Who is your spiritual attorney?


There are 613 laws in the Bible [Ten (10) are the commandments]. In [DEUTERONOMY 17:18] with respect to the appointment of a man king to “rule” over them, it states that “…when he sits upon his kingdom, that he shall write him a copy of this law in a book out of that which is before the priests the Levites.” There were no computers, so a handwritten copy of the scripture and the laws [book of the laws of Moses], written by the hand of the person who would be “ruler” was mandatory so that he would “KNOW” what the Torah or Bible or Pentateuch said. How can you properly legally represent others with respect to the law if you have not proficiently studied the law?

Satan is a scripture lawyer. He knows the words of God, the laws and the statutes, and he skillfully uses them to deceive others and to advance his agenda, as he did with Eve in the garden. It is imperative that you have an excellent scripture lawyer who will serve the agenda of “God only” when he is imparting legal scriptural knowledge to you. Your spiritual and scriptural and moral leaders [Priests, Pastors, Bishops, Rabbi’s and the like] should be well-versed in their perspective religious fields of study also. They should know the law, they should be adept in the scriptures, they should, most of all, adhere to the legal, moral, social and scriptural codes of law.

If you had violated the law by committing a crime, wouldn’t you try to find the best lawyer you could to defend you—maybe someone who graduated at the top of his class, or was expertly experienced? What if you believed that your civil rights had been violated, wouldn’t you seek an attorney/lawyer who specialized in civil rights, and was also ethical? This approach would work equally well with respect to The Bible or Scripture! If you want to have someone else teach you or defend you with respect to God’s Law, then it might be a good idea to get someone who is scripture lawyer; one who is well versed and experienced in the Word of God and willing to talk truth and walk according to His ways, “The Law.”

Make the most of your short time here on earth; build up your relationships, not just your bank account.

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Fashioned by God


[GENESIS 2:7] says that God formed the man from the dust [Hebrew-clay] of the ground. God is the fashioner of man—the Creator who fashioned [molded] man as a potter fashions or molds his clay. He who is the potter can mold the clay into whatever shape, design, form or fashion s/he so desires. Whoever you are, you have been uniquely and lovingly fashioned by an Almighty God who has molded you to be exactly the way He wanted!—Plastic surgery may change the way one looks to man, but it can’t change God’s reason for fashioning and creating you the way He did. The Prophet ISAIAH in 64:8 penned it best, “But now, O Lord, thou art our father; we are the clay, and thou our potter; and we are the work of thy hand.

Only God has the power of the potter to make His clay vessel new again! He holds the power of forgiveness, the power of redemption, and the power of restoration. He is the potter who works the mighty wheel that fashions man. In [JEREMIAH 18:6], after speaking with Jeremiah regarding a vessel made out of clay, which was marred in a man’s hands and then reshaped, God told Jeremiah, “…Behold, as the clay is in the potter’s hand, so are ye in mine hand, O house of Israel.

 Love IS the answer! It has medicinal properties and the power to heal; A drug-free prescription Rx.

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